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The New Adventures
The New Adventures were created to continue the adventures of the Doctor and Ace after the cancellation of the television series in 1989.
published: 1991 - 1997
number of books: 61
The Missing Adventures
The Missing Adventures were created to meet the demand among fans who wanted to read adventures featuring past Doctors and their companions.
published: 1994 - 1997
number of books: 33
Bernice Summerfield
In 1996 the BBC declined to renew Virgin's license to publish Who-related works of fiction. However, the New Adventures nevertheless continued, but now featuring former Who companion Bernice Summerfield in the leading role.

The inclusion of all obvious Who elements — such as the TARDIS — were studiously avoided for copyright reasons.

Although still called "The New Adventures," to all intents and purposes they constitute a separate range of books from the Doctor Who New Adventures. For this reason, I refer to them as the Bernice Summerfield Adventures.
published: 1997-1999
number of books: 23
Decalog Anthologies
The first three Decalog anthologies were a series of short-story collections featuring various Doctors and companions. The 4th and 5th, like the Bernice Adventures, had to avoid including any obvious Who elements, owing to the loss of Virgin's license to publish original Doctor Who fiction in 1996.
published: 1994 - 1997
number of books: 5

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Various other Doctor Who fiction published by Virgin, such as The Paradise of Death and Who Killed Kennedy.

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The non-fiction Doctor Who books published by Virgin.