Timewyrm: Exodus Terrance Dicks
#2 August 1991 ISBN 0-426-20357-7 237 pages
cover art © byAndrew Skilleter

A very powerful cover from Skilleter, portraying the novel's themes of Nazism and the occult. The swastika-emblazoned dagger dominating the center of the image is particularly dramatic.

Let loose on the universe, the Timewyrm creates an alternate timeline where Germany successfully invaded Britain during the Second World War.

mixed bag

A rather bland treatment of a standard alternate history scenario, told without much imagination or verve, though it does have a nicely-drawn atmosphere of menace. However, the gratuitous presence of returning villains, the War Lords and the War Chief, needlessly complicates an already convoluted story. All in all, rather a disappointment from Dicks. In all fairness, though, he may have been struggling with the range's length requirements; Exodus was his longest work to date.

  • Features the return of the War Lords and the War Chief from the Second Doctor television story The War Games (1969), which Dicks co-wrote with Malcolm Hulke.
  • Of everyone who was ever associated with Doctor Who, Dicks has been with the program the longest. Apart from contributing innumerable scripts, he was also the series script editor for many years and wrote most of the Target novelizations. Even today, over 40 years later, his association with Doctor Who in all its forms continues.