Timewyrm: Apocalypse Nigel Robinson
#3 October 1991 ISBN 0-426-20359-3 203 pages
cover art © byAndrew Skilleter

When it comes to wildly extravagant outpourings of imagination, you just can't beat giant alien sea monsters!

On a world in the far future, the Doctor must stop a series of genetic experiments at any cost to prevent the Timewyrm from becoming all-powerful.


This, the shortest of all of the Virgin novels, is probably another case of a Target author struggling with the range's length requirements. A pedestrian run-around with sadly very little of interest, which is a shame since Robinson could have done a lot with the exotic far-future setting.

  • Robinson not only wrote numerous Target novelizations, but was also that range's editor for a short while in the 1980s. During his tenure, he was the first to successfully push for original Doctor Who fiction in book form, resulting in the three Companions of Doctor Who novels.
  • It's no coincidence that the first three New Adventures were written by proven Target contributors. Before experimenting with new authors and new styles, they wisely started out with a trio of familiar authors to ensure Doctor Who fans were not instantly alienated by the new books.
  • Despite Darvill-Evans words in the afterword written in 1994, for whatever reason Robinson never wrote another Doctor Who book after Birthright. However, throughout the 1990s he did write a number of other tie-in novelizations, horror novels for children, and a science fiction trilogy. For more information, see the Nigel Robinson bio at the On Target website.