Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark Andrew Hunt
#7 June 1992 ISBN 0-426-20368-2 256 pages
cover art © byPeter Elson

Easily Elson's most picturesque Doctor Who cover. Elson's talent lie in the realms of vistas and creatures, not characters, and this highly evocative sunset scene from rural Wales is beautiful and enchanting.

The TARDIS is forced to land for repairs in a Welsh village, where the Doctor and Ace investigate a series of strange events that lead them to the dying world of Tir na n-Óg.


A mysterious fantasy story that nonetheless is revealed to have a science fiction rationale in the end. When I first read this novel as a teenager in 1994, I wasn't really aware of Wales (living as I do in America). I will always be eternally grateful to Hunt for introducing me to this breathtakingly beautiful country, which I had the pleasure of visiting in 1998. (Yes, the television story The Green Death takes place in Wales too, but maggot-infested coal mines don't exactly show off Wales at its finest...)

  • This is Hunt's sole contribution to Doctor Who.