Timewyrm: Genesys
by Peter Darvill-Evans

Here is an introductory word about Doctor Who — The New Adventures: continuity.

Our objectives in publishing this series of novels are: to continue the time and space peregrinations of the Doctor and Ace from the point at which we last saw them on television, at the end of the story Survival; to continue the Doctor Who traditions of exciting science fiction stories laced with humour, drama and terror; and to continue the trend of recent seasons of television stories towards complex, challenging plots with serious themes.

Within these objectives there is room for a universe of types of story and styles of writing, and I've encouraged the authors of The New Adventures to take full advantage of the scope offered by the medium of the novel. In Timewyrm: Genesys John Peel has produced a two-fisted, sword-wielding, action-packed adventure that doesn't pause for breath between the first and last pages. Each subsequent book in the Timewyrm series — Exodus by Terrance Dicks, Apocalypse by Nigel Robinson, and Revelation by Paul Cornell — has its own style; all, however, share the common Doctor Who heritage. A second series, of three novels, is in preparation.

Creating a new series of original Doctor Who novels is a considerable undertaking — I can vouch for the fact that the TARDIS is a tricky craft to pilot — and thanks are due to all who made it possible: Chris Weller of BBC Books, for letting us do it; John Nathan-Turner, for supporting the project right up to the end of his Producership; Andrew Cartmel, Marc Platt, Ben Aaronovitch, John Peel, Ian Briggs, and Jean-Marc Lofficier, for providing the plot and characterization details out of which I have tried to create a consistent background for the series; Andrew Skilleter, for stepping into the void to illustrate the covers; Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred, for providing such vivid characterisations of the Doctor and Ace, for allowing us to use their faces on our book covers, for supporting Doctor Who in general and The New Adventures in particular, and thanks especially to Sophie for her generosity in writing a foreword for this novel; Rhona MacNamara, my assistant, without whom I simply couldn't have done it; and every single one of the people who have submitted proposals for stories.

The Doctor continues — unregenerated, but with a new lease of life.

Peter Darvill-Evans

Series Editor

February 1991