Timewyrm: Exodus
by Peter Darvill-Evans & Rebecca Levene

News: Terrance Dicks, Doctor Who Novels and More

This is a reprinted edition of Terrance Dicks' first New Adventure, originally published in 1991, which remains one of the most popular in the series.

Since the book — only the second in the series — was published, the New Adventures have become established, have prospered, have had moments of controversy, but have also achieved much acclaim. Terrance Dicks was by far the most prolific and popular of the Target novelization authors; with this book he demonstrated his ability to write gripping adult Doctor Who fiction too.

Terrance's work is so well known to fans of the programme of which he was script editor for five years that there's very little we can add. His second New Adventure, Blood Harvest, is due out in July 1994 and ties in with that month's Goth Opera, the first in a series of Missing Adventures. These will be full-length, original stories featuring old Doctors and filling some of the gaps between the television stories. Blood Harvest is also a sequel to the fourth Doctor story State of Decay set on the planet of the vampires and featuring the return of Romana.

If you liked Timewyrm: Exodus you'll love Blood Harvest take our word for it.

Peter Darvill-Evans & Rebecca Levene

Doctor Who Publisher & Editor