Timewyrm: Apocalypse
by Peter Darvill-Evans & Rebecca Levene

News: Nigel Robinson, Doctor Who Novels and More

This is a reprinted edition of Nigel Robinson's first Doctor Who novel, originally published in 1991.

This book, Timewyrm: Apocalypse was the third in the Timewyrm tetralogy which launched the New Adventures. Since then, the series has become established, has prospered, has had moments of controversy, but has also achieved much acclaim.

Nigel's second novel, Birthright, was the first in the series to feature the companions without the Doctor, and proved to be exceptionally popular with readers. His next Doctor Who project is to write for the Missing Adventures — a series of full-length, original stories featuring old Doctors and filling some of the gaps between television stories.

As a former Doctor Who editor, and as the author of several Target novelizations, Nigel was eminently qualified to write for the New Adventures. His association with the programme stretches back over many years, and we hope will continue for many more to come.

Peter Darvill-Evans & Rebecca Levene

Doctor Who Publisher & Editor