Timewyrm: Revelation
by Peter Darvill-Evans & Rebecca Levene

News: Paul Cornell, Doctor Who Novels and More

This is a reprinted edition of Paul Cornell's first Doctor Who novel, originally published in 1991.

This book, Timewyrm: Revelation, was the fourth of the Doctor Who New Adventures; it rounded off the Timewyrm tetralogy which launched the New Adventures. Since then the New Adventures have become established, have prospered, have had moments of controversy, but have also received much acclaim. Paul Cornell has become the most prolific New Adventures author, as well as one of the most popular.

Paul's second Doctor Who novel, Love And War, published in 1992 and already reprinted, introduced Professor Bernice Summerfield, who has been the Doctor's companion ever since. It was also the story in which Ace left the TARDIS.

Moving into non-fiction in 1993, Paul co-wrote The Guinness Book of Classic British TV. The same team of three authors have put together The Avengers Programme Guide.

Paul's third Doctor Who novel appeared in February 1994. No Future is another seminal New Adventure, set in the punk London of 1976 and featuring old enemies and UNIT. It brings to a conclusion the sequence of novels that started with Blood Heat, and brings to a climax the tensions that have been developing among the TARDIS crew since Ace's return.

There are rumours that Paul has plans for a fourth New Adventure, but in the meantime he is working on an even more exciting project: Goth Opera, the book that will launch the Missing Adventures series of Doctor Who novels. The Missing Adventures will be full-length, original stories, featuring old Doctors and filling some of the gaps between the television stories. Goth Opera is a grimly humorous vampire story, starring the fifth Doctor and his companions Tegan and Nyssa. It will be published in July 1994, and as a bonus it will tie into that month's New Adventure, Blood Harvest by Terrance Dicks.

That's enough sales spiel. Paul's books are good, OK?

Peter Darvill-Evans & Rebecca Levene

Doctor Who Publisher & Editor