Short Fiction 1950 4,400 words


An android revolt is crushed by tapping into one of the most fundamental of human drives.

Alternate Titles

"Dear Automaton"     (1951)

Included In
The Far-Out Worlds of A.E. van Vogt 1968
The Worlds of A.E. van Vogt 1974
Other Worlds magazine
1950 September Clark Publishing
digest Vol 2, No 3 164 pages $0.35

cover art by
Malcolm Smith

First appearance

1 illustration by
Malcolm Smith

Cover image: Walwyn
Illustration image: Walwyn
Data: Walwyn
Adventures in Tomorrow anthology
edited by Kendell F. Crossen 1951, etc.
"Dear Automaton" (alternate title)
Suspense magazine
1951 Fall Farrell Publishing
digest Vol 1, No 3 132 pages $0.35

cover artist: unknown

Cover image: ISFDB Data: Walwyn
Alien Earth and Other Stories anthology
edited by Roger Elwood & Sam Moskowitz
1969 Macfadden
paperback 75-219 208 pages $0.75

cover art by
Jack Faragasso

Cover image: ISFDB Data: ISFDB
Speculations anthology
edited by Thomas E. Sanders
1973 Glencoe
trade code: ? 261 pages $6.95

cover artist: unknown

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