The Best of A.E. van Vogt: Volume 1
edited by Angus Wells
Collection 1979 58,500 words
  • The large British collection The Best of A.E. van Vogt (1974) was split into two volumes when it was reprinted in 1979. This is Volume 1. Volume 2 was published in the same month.



single volume


split into 2 volumes
Introduction by A.E. van Vogt 1974
"Vault of the Beast" 1940
"The Weapon Shop" 1942
"The Storm" 1943
"Juggernaut" 1944
"Hand of the Gods" 1946
"The Cataaaaa" 1947
"Resurrection" 1948
The SF Books of A.E. van Vogt 1974

A Bibiliography by Gerald Bishop

1979 March Sphere
paperback 0-7221-8726-2 219 pages £1.10

cover art by
Peter Elson


Month from Master of Null-A.

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