The Best of A.E. van Vogt    [British]
edited by Angus Wells
Collection 1974 136,000 words
  • There are two separate collections entitled The Best of A.E. van Vogt — one British, one American (1976). The contents of the two collections differ significantly, with only two stories common to both collections, "War of Nerves" and "The Proxy Intelligence." To further differentiate the two, the American collection contains a great deal of commentary by van Vogt on each story. To all intents and purposes these two "Best of" collections are in fact two separate selections, and should be thought of as two completely different books that merely share the same title. As such, the two collections have separate entries.

  • Throughout the 1970s, everyone was putting out The Best of Whoever collections. Most of this had to do with who could get the rights to which stories for how much, rather than which stories were indeed generally considered "the best."



single volume


split into 2 volumes
Introduction by A.E. van Vogt 1974
"Vault of the Beast" 1940
"The Weapon Shop" 1942
"The Storm" 1943
"Juggernaut" 1944
"Hand of the Gods" 1946
"The Cataaaaa" 1947
"Resurrection" 1948
"Dear Pen Pal" 1949
"The Green Forest" 1949
"War of Nerves" 1950
"The Expendables" 1963
"Silkies in Space" 1966
"The Proxy Intelligence" 1968
The SF Books of A.E. van Vogt 1974

A Bibiliography by Gerald Bishop

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