Empire of the Atom & The Wizard of Linn
Omnibus 1981 130,000 words


A one-off British omnibus volume containing both novels in the Clane series.

Empire of the Atom 1957
The Wizard of Linn 1950
1981 October New English Library
hardback 0-450-53407-7 155 / 174 pages £1.25

cover art by
Joe Petagno

First edition

Date from Master of Null-A.

Like many British omnibuses, this volume was created from the unsold leftovers of separate books. Because of this, each book inside has a separate pagecount.

Like the earleir British omnibus of the Isher novels, this reproduces the individual covers from NEL's editions of the Clane novels. It's not known who contributed the background image.

(Cover scans by Walwyn.)

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