"Dream of the Sorceress"
Short Fiction 1980 11,000 words
  • This short story was created for the multi-authored anthology Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn edited by Robert Lynn Asprin. This anthology is a shared-universe volume — a follow-up to 1979's Thieves World — in which an array of authors contribute stories based on the same background, and often using the same characters and plot strands.

  • Van Vogt made an earlier contribution, "The Gods Defied," to a similar shared-world fantasy project in the late '70s which was eventually published in book form as Ghor, Kin-Slayer.

Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn anthology
edited by Robert Lynn Asprin
1980 November Ace
paperback 0-441-79576-5 299 pages $2.25

cover art by
Walter Velez

First appearance

This anthology was reprinted multiple times, including at least one British edition published by Penguin in 1984.

It was also included in the omnibus Sanctuary, which contained the first three Thieves World anthologies.

Cover image: Walwyn Data: Walwyn
Sanctuary omnibus
edited by Robert Lynn Asprin
1982 July SF Book Club
hardback 5138 600 pages $6.98

cover art by
Walter Velez

Omnibus volume containing the first three Thieves' World anthologies:

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