"The First Martian"
Short Fiction 1951 6,100 words


South American Indians native to the high-altitude Andes make ideal settlers for the thin atmosphere on the planet Mars.

Alternate Titles

"This Joe"     (1951, etc.)

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The Far-Out Worlds of A.E. van Vogt 1968
Futures Past 1999
The Worlds of A.E. van Vogt 1974
"This Joe" (alternate title)
Marvel magazine
1951 August Stadium Publishing
digest Vol 3, No 4 132 pages $0.25

cover art by
Hannes Bok

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Prior to his career as a science fiction author, Harrison worked as an illustrator for various SF magazines in the early 1950s. He went on to write such famous works as Make Room! Make Room! which inspired the film Soylent Green, The Stainless Steel Rat series, and the Deathworld trilogy.

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Harry Harrison

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Great Science Fiction Stories About Mars anthology
edited by T.E. Dikty
1966 Frederick Fell
hardback code: ? 187 pages price: ?

cover artist: unknown

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The Best Science Fiction Stories anthology
edited by Michael Stapleton
1977 Hamlyn
hardback 0-600-38243-5 750 pages price: ?

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"This Joe" (alternate title)
Skyworlds magazine
1977 November Humorama
digest Vol 1, No 1 80 pages $0.75

cover artist: unknown

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Strangely enough, this one-off magazine seems to reprint select stories from the August 1951 issue of Marvel, along with some other stories and various black-and-white NASA photos. (Van Vogt's story is, appropriately enough, illustrated by some photos of Mars.) The magazine has no internal page numbers, and no contents list; the first story begins on page 2, counting the front cover as page 1.

Contents List:

  • "The Last Spaceman" by Lester del Rey (p. 2-10)
  • "The First Martian" (as "This Joe") by A.E. van Vogt (p. 11-22)
  • "Seed" by Raymond F. Jones (p. 23-48, 61-62)
  • "Skag with the Queer Head" by Murray Leinster (p. 49-61)
  • "Trans-Plutonian" by Milton Lesser (p. 63-73)
  • space photos (p. 74-75)
  • quiz (p. 76-77)
  • space photos (p. 78-79)

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