"The First Rull"
Short Fiction 1978 7,300 words
  • A belated prequel story to the Rull series.

Part of the
Rull & Ezwal Series
1 —     "The First Rull" 1978
2 —     "Cooperate or Else" 1942
3 —     "The Second Solution" 1942
4 —     "The Rull" 1948

The three Rull & Ezral stories from the 1940s were incorporated into the fix-up novel The War Against the Rull (1959), where they were accompanied by the previously-unrelated Yevd stories.

"The First Rull" is a prequel story that was first published in the collection Pendulum (1978), and later included as part of the Tor edition of The War Against the Rull.

Included In
Pendulum 1978