"The Gods Defied"
Short Fiction 1978 2,700 words
  • Robert E. Howard, the famed fantasy author, wrote the first chapter of an unfinished novel entitled Ghor, Kin-Slayer: The Saga of Genseric's Fifth-Born Son which was found among his files after his death. Decades later, the novel was completed by sixteen other authors. Van Vogt contributed Chapter 10, entitled "The Gods Defied." Chapters 1-12 appeared in a serialized form in Jonathan Bacon's fanzine Fantasy Crossroads from 1977 to 1979; Chapters 13-17 were to have been published but Fantasy Crossroads folded. The last five chapters had long been thought lost when a complete manuscript was recently found in the possession of the renowned Robert E. Howard collector Glenn Lord, allowing Necronomicon Press to publish the novel in its entirety for the first time in 1997.

  • Van Vogt later contributed to a similar project when he wrote "The Dream of the Sorceress" for Robert Lynn Asprin's 1980 shared-world anthology Tales From the Vulgar Unicorn.

Fantasy Crossroads magazine
1978 September Stygian Isle Press
quarto Issue #14 44 pages $3.00

cover art by
Stephen Fabian

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First appearance

Although Stephen Riley is credited on the contents page for illustrating van Vogt's story, all that actually appeared is a fancy title block.

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Ghor, Kin-Slayer: The Saga of Genseric's Fifth-Born Son anthology
edited by Jonathan Bacon
1997 August Necronomicon Press
trade 0-940884-91-7 176 pages $8.95

cover art by
Robert H. Knox

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