"Lost: Fifty Suns"
Short Fiction 1972 18,200 words
  • Not to be confused with the collection of the same name, which contains this story.

  • This story was originally material written to fill the gap between two of the stories incorporated in the 1952 fix-up novel Mission to the Stars [aka The Mixed Men]. This new section of the book, constituting Chapters 1-7, was later published on its own as this story in 1972.

Part of the
Mixed Men Series
1 —     "Concealment" 1943
2 —     "Lost: Fifty Suns" 1972
3 —     "The Storm" 1943
4 —     "The Mixed Men" 1945

The short stories formed the basis for the novel Mission to the Stars in 1952 [aka The Mixed Men].

"Lost: Fifty Suns" was originally linking material written for the novel, and was first published as a story in its own right twenty years later in 1972.

The original versions of the early stories were reprinted in the collection Transgalactic.



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Included In
The Book of van Vogt 1972
Lost: Fifty Suns 1979
Mission to the Stars 1955
The Mixed Men 1952