Van Vogt Omnibus 2
Omnibus 1971 190,000 words
The Mind Cage 1957
The Winged Man 1944
Slan 1940
1971 August Sidgwick & Jackson
hardback 0-283-48484-5 171 / 190 / 156 pages £2.25

cover artist: unknown


Back Cover & Spine

Dust Jacket Flap 1

Dust Jacket Flap 2

First edition

Like many British omnibuses, this volume was created from the unsold leftovers of separate books. Because of this, each book inside has a separate pagecount.

Month from Master of Null-A.

The Mind Cage is first, followed by The Winged Man, then Slan.

One of my sources attributed this cover to John Buscema.

Cover & other images: Walwyn Data: Walwyn