"The Problem Professor"
Short Fiction 1949 9,000 words
Alternate Titles

"Project Spaceship"     (1949, etc.)

  • According to van Vogt's autobiography, in order to have a story appear in the anthology My Best Science Fiction Story, it had to have first appeared in Thrilling Wonder magazine. Since only 2 of his works ever appeared there, he had to pick one of them as his "best," regardless of whether he felt that story indeed fit that description. And since the other work was a short novel ("The Weapon Shops of Isher"), he effectively had no choice but to pick the only remaining item, "The Problem Professor."

Included In
The Gryb 1976
The Proxy Intelligence and Other Mind-Benders 1971
"Project Spaceship" (alternate title)
Thrilling Wonder magazine
1949 August Standard Magazines, Inc.
pulp Vol 34, No 3 164 pages $0.25

cover art by
Earle Bergey

First appearance

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1 illustration by
Stephen Lawrence (?)

Cover image: ISFDB Data: Walwyn
"Project Spaceship" (alternate title)
My Best Science Fiction Story anthology
edited by Leo Margulies & Oscar J. Friend 1949, etc.

This appearance of "The Problem Professor" includes a preface by van Vogt.

Some printings of this anthology are abridged. As far as I can tell, van Vogt's story was included in all of them.