"Prologue to Freedom"
Short Fiction 1986 8,800 words


After a mass vote to decide the matter, California splits into a northern Communist sector, Califrania (named after its capital, San Francisco), and a southern Capitalist zone, Angelona (named after its capital, Los Angeles). Owing to the fundamental differences between the two new states, people moving from one to the other encounter difficulty in taking their wealth and possessions with them.

  • This is van Vogt's last short story. It was printed only twice that I know of, with each being a scarce and expensive publication.

  • Similar to Brain L. Forbes' short-lived revival of Weird Tales in the mid-'80s, in 1986 editor Clifford R. Hong tried to revive Worlds of If as a quarterly magazine but it was published only once, the Fall issue (September/November).

Worlds of If magazine
1986 Fall STF Corporation
digest Vol 23, No 1 — Issue #176 132 pages $1.95

cover art by
Bob Eggleton


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Editorial, p. 2

First appearance

Wallpaper image from Lledó.

Although van Vogt's story is blisteringly dull, the illustration by Di Fate is a genuinely creepy new rendition of the American flag.

1 illustration by
Vincent Di Fate

Cover & other images: Walwyn, Lledó
Illustration image: Walwyn
Data: Walwyn
Lamps on the Brow anthology
edited by James Cahill
1998 August James Cahill Publishing
hardback 0-9640454-7-8 200 pages $125.00

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From the ISFDB: "Limited edition. Each copy is signed on the story title page by the author."

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