Slan & Slan Hunter
Omnibus 2007 142,200 words


An omnibus volume containing both novels in the Slan series.

  • Curiously enough, this omnibus predated the hardback edition of Slan Hunter by one month, making it the first time the novel appeared in book form. (It had been serialized several months earlier in Jim Baen's Universe.)

  • Contrary to what the book's copyright page may say, this omnibus reprints the 1951 version of Slan, not the 1968 version.

Part of the
Slan Series
1 —     Slan 1940
2 —     Slan Hunter 2006

Both novels were reprinted together as Slan & Slan Hunter (2007).

Introduction by Kevin J. Anderson 2007
Slan 1940

1951 version

Slan Hunter 2006
2007 June SF Book Club
hardback 0-7394-8491-5 373 pages $13.99

cover art by
Vincent Di Fate

Back Cover

First edition

Even though it's the same image as the front cover I've included the back as well, mainly because of that very nice moon in the background that was blotted out by the title on the front. (Although on the back we see one of those darn pesky barcodes blocking a different portion!)

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