by Isaac Walwyn
Non-Fiction 2007 24,500 words


This is an exhaustive reader's guide to Slan, containing a detailed plot summary and a timeline, sections discussing the various aspects of slan anatomy, history, and telepathic abilities, and information on the characters, places, and gadgets that appear in the story. Also, for those interested in the novel's history, a special section is also included that compares the five different versions of the novel that have appeared over the years.

  • Slanology was originally sold as a PDF booklet on from June 17th 2007 to March 25th 2009. (I was credited under my real name Isaac Wilcott — this was before I started using my pen-name of Isaac Walwyn.) Sales were negligible (but greatly appreciated!), but I wrote it so people could read it, so after a couple of years I discontinued selling it on Booklocker.

  • I updated this study in 2011 with minor corrections, revisions, and additions, and converted into a series of freely-accessible HTML pages for greater accessibility. The original PDF file can still be downloaded here for those of you who are interested. Also, for purely personal nostalgic reasons, I've uploaded a snapshot of the booklet's page on Booklocker as it appeared when it was still for sale.



original version


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2007 June BookLocker
ebook - 73 pages $5.95

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  • PDF(No longer for sale.)

Now available for free in HTML format.

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2011 October
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Revised edition.

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