"A Son is Born"
Short Fiction 1946 7,240 words
Part of the
Clane Series
1 —     Empire of the Atom 1957
2 —     The Wizard of Linn 1950

Empire of the Atom is a novel based on the five original Clane stories (see below for full list).

The Wizard of Linn is a book-length sequel to the original stories.

The original magazine versions of all of the Clane tales were reprinted in the collection Transgalactic (2006).

Original Stories:
"A Son is Born" 1946
"Child of the Gods" 1946
"Hand of the Gods" 1946
"Home of the Gods" 1947
"The Barbarian" 1947


original version


adapted for fix-up novel
Included In
Empire of the Atom 1957
Transgalactic 2006
Astounding Science Fiction magazine
1946 May Street & Smith
digest Vol 37, No 3 180 pages $0.25

cover art by
William Timmins

First appearance

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3 illustrations by
H. Swenson

Cover image: Showcase Data: Walwyn