"Through a Night"
Short Fiction 1992 29 words
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  • This is a truly tiny excerpt from The Voyage of the Space Beagle, consisting of the last two sentences of the novel coming to exactly 29 words. This micro-story was only published once, in the 1992 anthology Worlds in Small. This anthology collected stories that are fifty words or less. The book concept was to showcase such ultra-short stories, demonstrating that artistic, creative, poetic and intelligent expression can be achieved through minimalism.



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Mission: Interplanetary 1952
The Voyage of the Space Beagle 1950

Back Cover Blurb:

Worlds in Small comprises the world's first collection of minimalist literary compositions, with a long preface and brief commentaries by the 'master gatherer,' John Robert Columbo. Each of the more than one hundred miniatures is so short that its length does not exceed fifty words. In fact, some miniatures are only half that long... some only ten words long... eight words... six words... four... two... one. Believe it or not, a couple are no words long. Through the magic of minimalism, we watch as something/everything comes of nothing.

Through a Night

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And, carrying its little bit of human civilization, the expeditionary ship Space Beagle sped at an ever increasing velocity through a night that had no end.

And no beginning.

Worlds in Small anthology
edited by John Robert Colombo
1992 Cacanadadada Press
trade 0-921870-14-0 110 pages C$12.95

cover art by
Alvin Jang

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I had previously thought that "Cacanadadada" was a misprint for "Canada." Turns out that really is the publisher's name!

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Worlds in Small anthology
edited by John Robert Colombo
1993 Ronsdale Press
trade 978-0-921870-15-9 98 pages C$12.95

cover art by
Alvin Jang

Still available for sale here.

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