"War of Nerves"
Short Fiction 1950 9,000 words
Part of the
Space Beagle Series
1 —     "Black Destroyer" 1939
2 —     "Discord in Scarlet" 1939
3 —     "War of Nerves" 1950
4 —     "M33 in Andromeda" 1943

These stories formed the basis of the novel The Voyage of the Space Beagle (1950). Most of the scenes featuring Grosvenor and Nexialism were newly added for the novel.

A tiny excerpt from the novel was later published as "Through a Night" (1992).



original version


adapted for fix-up novel
Included In
The Best of A.E. van Vogt: Volume 2 1979
The Best of A.E. van Vogt    [American] 1976
The Best of A.E. van Vogt    [British] 1974
The Blal 1976
Mission: Interplanetary 1952
Monsters 1965
Science Fiction Monsters 1967
Transfinite: The Essential A.E. van Vogt 2003
The Voyage of the Space Beagle 1950
Other Worlds magazine
1950 May Clark Publishing
digest Vol 1, No 4 164 pages $0.35

cover art by
Malcolm Smith

First appearance

1 illustration by
Bill Terry

Cover image: Walwyn
Illustration image: Walwyn
Data: Walwyn
Future Science Fiction magazine
1955 February Blue Diamond Publishing
digest Issue #5 68 pages A 1/6

cover artist: unknown

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