"The Witch"
Short Fiction 1943 8,900 words
Alternate Titles

"Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay"     (1971)

  • This is one of the few fantasy stories van Vogt wrote. The others are listed under The Book of Ptath.

  • This was one of only two stories known to have been based on an idea from John W. Campbell, the other being "Far Centaurus" (1944). [Van Vogt discusses "The Witch" in his 1980 interview with Robert Weinberg.]

  • This story was loosely adapted as an episode of Night Gallery aired as "Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay" on September 19th, 1971. It was scripted by Alvin Sapinsley.



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adapted for television
Included In
Out of the Unknown 1948
The Sea Thing and Other Stories 1970
Unknown Worlds magazine
1943 February Street & Smith
bedsheet Vol 6, No 5 132 pages $0.25

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2 illustrations by
Paul Orban

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Zacherley's Vulture Stew anthology
edited by Zacherley 1960, etc.
The Witchcraft Reader anthology
edited by Peter Haining 1969, etc.
"Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay" (alternate title)
Night Gallery television
1971 September NBC
TV Season 2, Episode #3 50 minutes

Adapted for television by Alin Sapinsley. Aired September 29th, 1971.

Some airings of this episode have been cut down to 31 minutes.

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Witches anthology
edited by Martin H. Greenberg & Isaac Asimov & Charles G. Waugh 1984, etc.
Unknown Worlds: Tales From Beyond anthology
edited by Stanley Schmidt & Martin H. Greenberg
1988 Galahad
hardback 0-88365-728-7 517 pages $9.98

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