Plot Summary:

"Carthing" (aka "Chevrolet, I Love You")
by A.E. van Vogt

This rare but much-loved short story appeared only twice, each time in a rare publication, and under two different titles. Ironically, my summary is just about as long as the actual story, which runs at only 389 words!

Carthing, a living Buick, is driving itself along when a fancy French car catches his eye. He is attracted to her, but is put off by the flitting way she drives. He then spots a nice American car and is instantly overwhelmed by her. However, he sees her being loaded onto a big buff semi, and in his rush to get to her he crashes into the large truck.

Later, the two men loading the cars onto the truck discuss the fact that this car, with no driver, smashed into them. They note that the advertisements for Buicks say the cars "practically drive themselves."


A strange, whimsical little story, similar in many respects to his other short-short "Itself!" which dealt with a living submarine.