L'Horloge Temporelle


french collection, published by J'Ai Lu in 1979. Cover art by Chris Foss. The edition below was probably published in 1990, with cover by F. J Betting. It contains:
  • The Timed Clock (1972) (The title story of this collection)
  • Death Talk (1978) (Here as "Chute Libre")
  • The Male Condition (1978) ("La Condition masculine")
  • The Rat and the Snake (1971) ("Le Rat et le Serpent")
  • Ersatz Eternal (1972) ("Ersatz Eternel")
  • The Confession (1972) ("L'Aveu")
  • The Expendables (1963) ("Les Sacrifiés")
  • The Launch of Apollo XVII (1978)
  • Pendulum (1978) ("Dialectes")

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