The Man With A Thousand Names

J'Ai Lu, 1976. Cover art by Sergio Macedo


lthough thirty light years distant, Mittend was Earth's nearest habitable planet. So the bored young heir, Steven Masters, contrived to join the first manned expedition just for a bit of excitement. When he found himself suddenly back on Earth in another man's body, it was more than he had expected. What then followed was a veritable kaleidoscope of events that was to involve him in multiple personalities, in more expeditions to Mittend, and in the affairs of the entity called Mother for whom Mittend itself was just a means to an end-and Steven Masters the handy next step in a galactic program. It's a brand-new novel by the Slan-man, the Weapon-Maker of Isher and Null-A mentor, A. E. VAN VOGT himself . . . with all of Van Vogt's mind-shaking fireworks and out-of-the-rut narrative mastery.

DAW, either 1975 or 1979.

Original edition, DAW, 1974. Cover by Vincent DiFate.

Italian Edition, 1981.

New English Library, 1980. Cover art by Tim White.

Editura Vremea, 1996. 

Sidgwick & Jackson, 1975. Cover by Dave Sumner.

J'Ai Lu. Date unknown.

Sidgwick and Jackson, paperback edition, 1975.


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