More Than Superhuman


NEL , 1980. Cover art by Gerald Grace.

lone scientist working on man's one deperate chance against conquerors from space. A man and a woman in a world where the battle of the sexes has become a death struggle. A future world where citizens are commanded to be happy or to suffer destruction. A last stand of rebellion against the all-powerful dictatorship that has taken over the Earth...Six stories of unsurpassed originality and invention from the grand master of imaginative fiction...

This collection was originally published in 1971.

It contains the following material:

  • Humans, Go Home! (1969)
  • Reflected Men (1971)
  • Laugh, Clone, Laugh ( 1969)
  • Research Alpha (1965)
  • Him (1968)

Dell, 1971.

New English Library, 1975.



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