ny new book by that classic master of sf A. E. Van Vogt is an event sure to warrant headlines in the mental news-recorders of science fiction readers. For what Van Vogt has to tell, the ideas that are sure to be unusual and original, the things that can spark the imagination in ways no other writers can approach, is always worth waiting for.
Here again in PENDULUM the master displays his amazing technique in scenes dealing with alienbeings and their alien minds, in concepts of the future of humanity of androids and null-A operatives, of the present, the future, and even the astonishing past.

Left: The orginal edition published by DAW in 1978. Cover art by Penalva. Middle: Italian edition published by Editrice Nord in 1980. Right: NEL, 1982. Cover by Chris Foss.

This collection contains:

  • Pendulum (1978)
  • The Male Condition (1978)
  • Living With Jane (1978)
  • The First Rull (1978)
  • Footprint Farm (1978)
  • The Non-Aristotelian Detective (1978)
  • The Human Operators (right, january 1971)
  • The Launch of Apollo XVII (an article 1978)


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