The People of the White Sands

ot yet published in english, this book is an expanded version of "Enchanted Village" (1959). It was expanded, with van Vogt's permission, by Italian author Renato Pestriniero, and first published in Italy as "Il Villagio Incantato" in 1982. The translation was then revised by van Vogt, and given the title "The People of the White Sands". So far it has, apart from Italy, only been published in France and Germany, there to appear as "Metamorphosen" and "Au-Delá Du Village Enchantée".

This picture is of a J'Ai Lu edition from 1986. Cover art by James Gurney.

Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction July, 1975. Comic book version of Enchanted Village

A page from the comic book version in Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction

Another J'Ai Lu edition from 1987.

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