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Tempo Books, 1970. Cover by Paul Lehr.

Le Masque Science Fiction, 1978.

Book Company of America, 1965. Cover by Albert Netzell.

hey said that Artur Blord was ruthless, a heartless manipulator whose blind lust for power would ruin the Ridge Stars. They said he had to be eliminated because he was too much of a threat to their secret. But just who where they, the accusers of Artur Blord? And what was the secret which Artur Blord threatened?
Beyond the answers to these two questions lay a tortured path along which Artur Blord compelled himself to travel. Menaced by a terrifying array of lethal forces, Blord risked his life against alien agressors as well as more human adversaries.
Never knowing at what moment death might overtake him, he fought to fulfill a dream; that he might one day claim the title that ridges couldn't buy: Master of the Ridge Stars!

Apparently this book is not by A. E. van Vogt, but by E. Mayne Hull alone. I quote the bibliography published by Galactic Central in 1997:

"Although van Vogt is often credited as co-author (or even sole author) of this book, it is really by E. Mayne Hull. Van Vogt just "created the format, worked out certain inventions, and went over each story after she had finished it, adding some of this special brand of adjectives"".

Originally published in 1954. It is based on these short stories, all by E .Mayne Hull:

  • Competition (1943)
  • The Contract (1944)
  • The Debt (1943)
  • Bankruptcy Proceedings (1946)
  • Enter the Professor (1945)

Urania, 1978. More here.

Federick Fell, 1st edition 1954.

Panther, 1978. Cover by Chris Foss.

Sogen-sha, 1974.

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