The Twisted Men

spacecraft returns with the discovery that the solar system is doomed. Nobody believes it, but a handful of people decide to attempt the migration to another star system, just in case. They pin their chances on an experimental star ship called, appropriately, The Hope of Man.

This is the first and only version, an ACE double published in 1964. Illustration by Jack Gaughan. It is backed with "One of Our Asteroids is Missing" by Calvin M. Knox, better known as Robert Silverberg. It contains three stories, including the title story whose magazine version was called "Rouge Ship" and which was later "fixed-up" with other stories and published as the novel "Rouge Ship". The other stories in this collection are:

  • The Earth Killers (1949)
  • The Star Saint (1951)
The Star Saint - Planet Stories

Planet Stories, march 1951.


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