Sphere, 1987, cover by Fred Gambino.

Sphere, 1979. Cover art by Peter Jones.

J'Ai Lu, date unknown.

ACE, 1973. original edition.

ictator Lilgin held the entire Earth firmly under his thumb. Government-controlled science ruled: a superb communications network constantly monitored the population, and anyone who dared to question the regime or Lilgin's supremacy was instantly and tidily eradicated. But the regime had reckoned without Professor Dun Higenroth. Higenroth had developed a radically new communications system that took no account of distance, that operated in the mind of its creator, without the need for equipment of any kind-and he intended to use it to expose Lilgin's every move to the entire world. Lilgin had to learn the secret of that system if he was to remain in power. And so the subtle and deadly process of extracting the information from Higenroth's mind began. But the full resources of the world government were to prove useless - FOR HIGENROTH HAD HIDDEN THE SECRET IN THE GENES OF A CHILD NOT YET BORN!

J'Ai Lu, 1975. Cover art by Tibor Csernus.

J'Ai Lu, date unknown.


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