The Violent Man

Pocket Books, 1978.

uxton turned torture and brainwashing inside out. He had to. He was sentenced to death. But under the plan "Future Victory" his execution would be deferred for two years, while he was "taught' to think as his enemies did. To resist his tormentors was futile. His only chance for survival was to maintain control of his own mind . . . whatever the price. And soon, he was engaged in a brutal psychological duel between captive and ruthless captor . . . until he realized the frightening similarity belween himself and the woman who held his life in her hands.

First published in 1962, this is not your average van Vogt novel. I have not read it myself, but apparently it deals with brainwashing in communist China of that era.

Farrar, Straus and Cudahy, 1962.

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