The Voyage of the Space Beagle

Science Fiction Book Club, 1982. Cover art by Clyde Caldwell.

Unknown, japanese edition.

Plaza Y JanÚs, 2000

Astounding Science Fiction, July 1939. First appearance of "Black Destroyer". Cover art by Graves Gladney.


. . . exist in the vast stretches of the universe not yet penetrated by man? The expeditionary ship Space Beagle had been sent to find out. Its crew, eminent scientists from every field of human knowledge had been specially trained and equipped to overcome any danger they might encounter. But their greatest peril was aboard ship-where advanced technical knowledge, in the hands of ruthless men, could become an irresistible force for destruction.

The book, apparently the inspiration for the brilliant movie Alien, is a fix-up made out of the following earlier stories;

  • Black Destroyer (1939)
  • War of Nerves (1950)
  • Discord in Scarlet (1939)
  • M33 in Andromeda (1943)

Edhasa, 1962

Eerie magazine no. 139, February 1983. Comic strip adaption.

Sogen-sha, 1978.

Manor Books, 1976. Cover by Bruce Pennington.

Worlds Unknown, Comic strip adaption of Black Destroyer, date unknown.

A glimpse of the contents of Worlds Unknown.

Timescape, 1981. Cover art by Gerry Daly.

Signet, 1952.

Edhasa, 1955. Cover art by Armand.

Don't know much about this one, suspect it's Korean. If someone knows Korean please check out this page and let me know what it says.

Probably Voyage of the Space Beagle, probably Turkish. I would appreciate someone verifying this by checking out this page. Or this.

Urania, 1963

MacFadden, 1968

Gruppo Newton, 1994

Simon & Schuster, Original edition, 1950.

Heyne or Bertelsmann Lesering

Biblioteca di Fantascienza, 1989.

J'Ai Lu, 2003.

Panther. 1977. Cover by Chris Foss.

J'Ai Lu.

Grayson & Grayson, 1951.

Sogen-sha, 1968.

Sogen-sha, date unknown.

Editura Vremea, 1996. Romanian edition.

Manor, 1974.

Urania, 1963. More here.

Urania, 1953. More here.

Hayakawa, 1995.

Kadokava, 1969.

Le Rayon Fantastique, no. 15, 1953.

Panther, 1968.

ORB Books, 2008


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