The World of Null-A

Sogen-sha, 1974. 

Ariel Press, 1990, cover by Mark Peyton.

Turkish edition, date unknown. More here.

ho was Gosseyn? Gosseyn himself didn't know his own identity - only that he could be killed, yet live again..... But someone knew who Gosseyn was - and was using him as a pawn in a deadly game that spanned the Galaxy!

Actually this book is much better than the blurb. Read a detailed essay on this masterpiece. This story was originally serialized in Astounding Science Fiction in 1945. It's sequel is "The Pawns of Null-A."

1953 ACE double edition with cover by Robert Schulz. It is backed with "The Universe Maker"

Grosset and Dunlap, 1950

Sogen-sha, 1994.

J'Ai Lu, date unknown.

Editrice Nord, 1973.

Ace, 1964, cover by Ed Emshwiller.


Astounding Science Fiction, august 1945.


J'Ai Lu, date unknown.


Berkley, 1970.

Sphere, date unknown.

Astounding Science Fiction, september 1945.

Berkley, 1974.

TOR, 2002. Cover image by Hubert Rogers

Acervo, 1975.

J'Ai Lu, 2001.

Urania, no. 10, 1953

Sphere Science Fiction, 1980. Cover art by Bruce Pennington.

Simon and Schuster , 1948.

Easton Press, 1988. See the Null-A fashion as portrayed by Vincent DiFate in this edition. , 1988.

Urania, 1964. More here.


Le Rayon Fantastique, 1953.

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